Our Content Policy

Our Content Policy

Child safety:

We do not tolerate any content that exploits children posted by anyone. This content may include: child sexual abuse imagery and pedophilia. We do not agree with any of the mentioned (and related) behaviors, including: participating in blogs with galleries of children with sexually suggestive content, distributing child sexual abuse imagery or any publishing of content of a sexual nature that involves underage participants. Therefore, any account that exhibits this inappropriate conduct will be terminated and reported to law enforcement. (pe·do·phil·i·a ˌpēdəˈfilēə,ˌpedəˈfilēə/ noun sexual feelings directed toward children.)

Hate Speech:

At Bazzite, we do not support any content that promotes or incites violence against individuals or groups based on ethnic origin, disability, age, religion, nationality, gender or sexual orientation. Crude Content: shocking or graphic content is completely forbidden. For example, accident scenes, open wounds and related. This content is out of the site context and would violate this policy.


The use of our communication channels is for information purposes. It is completely forbidden to threaten other users. This includes but is not limited to: death threats against another person or group and encouraging other users to take violent actions. Any account that exhibits this inappropriate conduct will be terminated.


It is completely forbidden to harass or bully others. Anyone using the Bazzite channels to harass or bully is going to face serious offline consequences and may be permanently banned from our community.


We do not encourage any unauthorized copyright infringement, including providing links where other users can download unauthorized content. If you violate this policy, you have to respond to the respective authorities.

Personal and confidential information:

At Bazzite, we do not approve publishing another user’s personal and/or confidential information, such as: credit card numbers, SSN, cellphone numbers, home address, car plates and driver’s license numbers. Any content published without the proper consent is completely forbidden. Any information already published elsewhere or publicly available is not considered to be private.

Illegal activities:

Do not use Bazzite to engage in or promote illegal activities, such as: encouraging people to drive under the influence or the use of illegal substances. Any of the previously mentioned activities will be reported to the appropriate authorities.


It is not allowed to post in any of our communication channels a promotion of any kind (product, website, etc). This behavior may result in deletion of your account.

Malware and viruses:

Do not post or create topics that transmit viruses or attempt to install a software without the user's consent. This behavior may result in deletion of your account.

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