Connect a social account

Connect a social account

Connecting a social network account simplifies your login, sharing with social network and allow us to promote your social profiles.

Follow the steps below to integrate your social media accounts with your Bazzite account.

  1. Navigate to the settings area.

Select the blog you wish to associate the social media account(s) with, and navigate to the Account > Social Connections section.

  1. Authorize the account.

Click on Connect, next to the account you want to link. Doing so will allow you to connect a social media account from Github, Google+ and Twitter.

You can add as many accounts as you would like by clicking on the buttons. You will need to be logged in to the correct social media account in order to authorize it.

There is no limit to the number of accounts you may connect from each network. Feel free to add as many as you would like.

  1. Deleting social media accounts

To remove social media accounts, navigate to Account > Social Connections. You can see which accounts are connected to your blog.

Click on the Trash icon to remove the social account. Remember that when you delete an account, you can't use that account in order to sigin in you account.

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