Change Your Email Address

Change Your Email Address

In this section, you can change, add or eliminate email addresses in order to get notified in the inbox you check the most.

  1. Click on your avatar at the top of any page to open the account menu.

  2. Select the button “Email Addresses” at the left part of the page.

  3. Add your new email address.

  4. Verify the email address through the email we sent you.

  5. Go back to “Email Addresses” and if you want to set the new email address as primary, select this address and click on the button “Make primary”.

  6. If you did not receive a Verification in your inbox, select the email address on the list and click on the Envelope icon.

  7. If you want to remove an email address, select the email address you want to remove and click on the Trash Can icon.

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