Currently, there are very good tools that allow you to integrate a KnowledgeBase on your site, but sometimes you do not need as many features and a simple and powerful solution is more than enough. Unfortunately for Django, there is no tool with these requirements.


We created Scrits because we wanted a professional and open-source solution, made with Django, that we could use internally or in the projects of some of our clients.

Scrits is a simple markdown powered Knowledgebase built with Angular. This tool allows giving support to clients through a friendly, fast, and powerful Knowledgebase.

Scrits delivers outstanding features:

  • Markdown Editing
  • Clean design
  • Admin Panel
  • Full Responsive
  • Free & Open Source
  • Articles Overview & Feedback Support
  • Search System.

Scrits is currently in beta but you can test it and contribute any changes on Github. We appreciate your comments or a new idea you can bring to the table.

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